Depressed men are more attractive

Depressed men are more attractive

Depressed men are more attractive. See what draws people to the opposite sex

Women find that men are happy and smiling "significantly less attractive" in terms of sexual silent and depressed than men, according to a recent study by researchers at the University of British Columbia.


According to this study, women are the least attracted to men smiling, and preferring those who seem arrogant and powerful or depressed and shy, informs

In contrast, most men feel sexually attracted from the women who seem happy, and less attracted to those who seem perky and secure them.

Study researchers from the University of British Columbia in Canada, who first analyzed by sex, recorded significant differences in the level of attraction which it exercises smile, tried to explain the fascination exerted by the cliche "bad boy" and other stereotypes.

It is also the first study that has examined the appeal of the manifestations of pride and shame of men.

The study, coordinated by professor Jessica Tracy, was conducted on a sample of 1,000 adult participants who rated the level of sexual attraction you felt when you were shown photographs of the opposite sex.

Photos showed manifestations of human behavior considered universally known as happiness, pride and shame / shyness.

According to previous studies, emotional traits considered to be positive, with a pleasant personality, are always preferred by people seeking partners for a long lasting relationship.

Canadian authors have suggested that physical attraction in the field of human preferences have been shaped by centuries of social evolution and cultural forces.

For example, evolutionary theories suggest that women are attracted to men manifestations of pride because they imply a certain social status, certain powers, but the capacity to provide domestic partner means a decent living and more likely to have children.

According to Canadian authors, expression emphasizes physical features typical male pride, and an upper part of the body more visible and more pronounced musculature.


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